Roe hunting

From 1 October to 31 December the roe hunting season is on. It is allowed to hunt on animals of any age and sex in the daytime with dogs from the ambush and from the approach.

You can have a good weekend and our goal is to provide it to you: a three-day tour to Belarus, meeting at the airport in a national style, transfer to the chosen hunting area, two nights in a holiday house with three meals a day, russian sauna, two-day deer hunting, transfer to the airport.

Duration of the tour:

3 days


on request

Price includes:

  • Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hunting farm and back to the airport
  • Accommodation in the hunting house (3 days 2 nights)
  • 3 meals (Breakfast — 2, lunch — 3 dinner — 2)
  • Two-day hunting with a huntsman
  • A hunting trip for a trophy animal
  • Carbine rental (5 rounds)
  • Russian sauna

Additional charge:

  • trophy list for the trophy export
  • documents for import and export of the weapons
  • Primary butchering carcasses
  • Primary processing and preparation of trophies
  • Rental of weapons
  • Organisation of tours

If you would like to get further information feel free to contact us via (with a mark «hunting»).
Roe hunting. Deer have well-developed smelling and hearing, but poor eyesight. Nevertheless a hunter should be careful in order not to frighten an animal. Roes are very fast animals: the can develop speed up to 65 km/h and jump at a height of 8 m.

Roe hunting with approach. This tactic is suitable for experienced hunters. A hunter should move quietly without creating additional noise, taking wind into account so that an animal does not smell him. Of course you should pay attention to the tracks and watch the bushes. If the tracks are located close to each other and are clearly visible, it means that a roe is somewhere nearby. If the traces are far apart, then an animal has run away.

In summer male deer become less cautious, that is beneficial for hunters. Hunting is better to be carried out in the rainy weather.
Hunting paddock. The hunters are divided into numbered shooters and beaters. The beaters create noise to drive the animals in the direction of the shooters.
Hunting from ambush (from the tower) and hunting on salt licks. A convenient but long way of hunting. Much patience is required.

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