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We suggest to go on a trip, where the tourists will get acquainted with interesting pages of the history of Belarus, visit the main attractions and have fun.

Day 1

We will begin our journey from Grodno.
Arrival to the city of Grodno in the morning. We have breakfast in a restaurant / cafe and check in.
Then a sightseeing tour of Grodno.
Lunch in the restaurant / cafe of the city of Grodno.
We will visit the main attractions of the city – the old and the new castles.
Free time. Dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast. Check out.

Excursion around Grodno, where you can visit the Church of the Farns, the Bernardine monastery, the church of Kalozhsky, the museum-pharmacy, the Grodno forts. Then we have lunch in a cafe / restaurant.
Transfer to the city of Brest, check in at the hotel and dinner.

Next, we are waiting for the transfer to the city of Brest, a city with a rich history. During its history, the city was destroyed several times, but was restored in new beauty. Today Brest is at the very junction of the territories of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union. You will learn the history of the city, what role Brest played in the past, and also get acquainted with its sights.

Day 3

Breakfast. Departure for a sightseeing tour around Brest. During the tour we will visit the old Catholic cemetery. We have lunch.
Afterwards we will go on an excursion to the Brest Railway Museum. Free time for walking.

Day 4

Breakfast. Check out.

Excursion to the Brest Fortress, one of the main places of interest in the city of Brest. A visit to Kamenetskaya (Belaya) Vezha.

After that we will go to the capital and the city-hero Minsk. Check in at the hotel and dinner.

Day 5

After that we go on a sightseeing tour around Minsk. The history of the city, as well as all its attractions, such as the Red Church, Upper Town, Independence Avenue and much more, will be told about and shown by experienced guides.

After the tour, we have lunch in a cafe.
At the end of the day, tourists are given free time for independent acquaintance with the city.

Dinner is provided at an additional cost.

Day 6

Breakfast. Excursion Mir-Nesvizh.

In order to visit the Middle Ages, one does not need to invent a Time Machine.

It will be enough to take advantage of our offer and plunge into the time, when ladies dressed up in charming lush dresses, knights in armor guarded their sleep, and treasures were constructed within the walls of castles. It was a time shrouded in mysterious legends.

The excursion gives you a chance to see one of the most unique places in Belarus. The uniqueness lies in that Nesvizh and Mir castles are included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Mir. The 16 century was the time when the construction of the castle of a defensive type began in the quiet village Mir, Korelichi. Through centuries, the castle had been destroyed and reconstructed, but nowadays it looks magnificent with its long history. In the tower of the castle there is a museum open to everyone. Trinity Church, Nikolaevskii church and Chapel-tomb has remained intact and now it is available to sightseeing.

In Mir you will have lunch.

A walk around Nesvizh will acquaint you with the heritage of Radziwill Family – one of the most famous and influential families in Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The palace and park complex impresses with its scale and luxury. Parks and lakes, architectural and natural monuments – all these you can find on the territory of Nesvizh Castle. If anyone’s excitement is insufficient, there will be a chance to feel oneself a prince or a princess by means of trying on the outfits of those times

The excursion to Nesvizh will pass through the most significant monuments of the city: at the entrance of the town you will see Slutskaya Brama, you will visit Corpus Christi church, Town Hall and a monument to Symon Bydnyi.

Return to Minsk, dinner in Belarusian traditions. Overnight.

Day 7

Breakfast. Check out. Transfer to“National Airport Minsk-2“.

Thus, in the course of visiting all the cities along the route, guests will be able to learn more about the history of Belarus and its way of life.

Included in price:

  • accommodation (hotels 3*)
  • full board
  • excursion program
  • visa support
  • transfer
  • entry tickets

Not included in price:

  • air ticket
  • insurance
  • visa

Price per person:

552 $ (a group 40 pax)

All prices are preliminary and require checking before booking if there are dates.
Prices can vary depending on the increase / decrease in the group and the choice of exact dates.

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Grodno region is located in the north-west of the country, it borders on Poland in the west and Lithuania in the north. The centre of the region is the city of Grodno, with a population of more than 300 thousand people. Region comprises 17 districts, 194 villages, 12 towns including 6 of regional subordination, and 21 urban-type settlements. A Famous river Neman flows along Grodno region, and almost all the territory of Grodno region belongs to its basin.

The Augustow Canal is one of the attractions of Grodno region. It connects the Neman and the Vistula. As for lakes, there are few of them in the region and they are inferior to the size of the lakes other areas. Grodno Region includes 10 natural reserves with the status of national significance and more than 50 natural monuments. Grodno region is rich in its history. In the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the city of Novogrudok, which now is a part of modern Grodno region, used to be the first capital of the famous multi-national state.

The Union of Krewo was concluded in 1385, and became the starting point of combining Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland, was enclosed in Krewo castle. This region can be called the cradle of architectural ensembles. Grodno region has 19 museums, 3 theaters and a philharmonic. Besides, the region is a major place of pilgrimage. In one of the temples in Zhirovichi famous icon of the Mother of God has remained intact. Mir, Novogrudok and Lida castles attract tourists. On the territory of Grodno region large-scale festivals, brewing festival in Lida, magicians and other festivals are held. Grodno region is also a progenitor of rural tourism. It is Grodno region that combines a large amount of agricultural estates and rest homes of rural type. Such tours on weekends in Grodno and Grodno region will be interesting for the whole family, as well as guests from different countries. Hospitable Grodno region invites everyone to its lands.

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